Thursday, May 11, 2006

Back in the Jurassic (1969), everything was "heavy", as in "Oh, Wow, man, that's HEAVY". This was probably somewhat related to the fact that everyone seemed to be stoned most of the time and that, in fact, the slightest effort to move was impeded by the various substances being ingested at the time and that one's own body was, as a result in fact, heavy. Everything was heavy: a pencil, a feather, a roach clip, a pair of round rose colored sun glasses, a book, even the boundless time that passed slowly as the dust motes glided by the sun lit window. There's nothing that heavy anymore. We've moved beyond the realm of "Heavy" into a different, more onerous and threatening world; a realm of "Thick", maybe. Thick and sticky and hard to let go of. A scary, darker world equally as infused with fantasy as the "Heavy" world, but lacking the imagination and the warmth and the determination to make this world a better world somehow. Some day, and some how. The weight of this migration away from "Heavy" and toward "Thick" presses on us. It is as hard to move in the world of "Thick" as it was in the world of "Heavy" because the optimism is lacking. We are aware, very aware, of everything moving past us; very aware of what yet is still undone.
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