Monday, June 12, 2006

Toward the end, he found it difficult to communicate. The words that he found in his head were not easily understandable to the people who came to see him. When talking about what he had eaten that day, he would be slightly surprise by the fact that the words “loquacious contagion” were among those he heard himself say. “Elemental evidence” was a phrase he spoke to describe the weather; “unfathomable quixotic disturbances” was how he felt about he long life as an artist. Somehow it all made perfect sense to him before he said what he said. But, when he heard himself say these things, and this may be partially the result of the expressions taking place on the faces of his listeners, he knew that these words were not quite what he wanted. “Unctuous collections of bad sense”, however, seemed to be an accurate statement of his current state of affairs. For this day, for this conversation, these were the perfect words to use.
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