Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I know that it is probably not readily apparent, but I do think carefully about what images, out of the thousands I have, to post here. I try to establish a rhythm and a flow and a kind of dialogue with the pictures. Sort of like Be Bop for the eyes as a way to deconstruct the travel photo album. It may not always make sense to the viewer, but it occasionally makes sense to the writer. This image was taken in Paris. Not, I agree, the usual image one might bring back from that City of Light. But, it's one of the ones I was attracted to. The light there is so clear it almost hurts. The sky on a late Spring Day in Paris is almost beyond color. It's more like a substance. The early morning light is soft and glows. Perfect for a picture of some street art spray painted on the side of a building that I saw on my way to get my morning coffee.  Posted by Hello
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Anonymous Ken said...

In the next world I would like to come back as that brilliant shade of blue that stalks the sky

5:16 PM  

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