Monday, February 07, 2005

I like to go to the County Fair, although most years I miss it. Last Fall was one of our successful attempts. Nicki like to see the animals: the pigs, the cows, the ducks, the chickens and roosters. She likes to look at the award winning vegetables and the preserves and pies. I always gravitate toward the award winning photography that members of the 4H clubs submit. This time, along with the pictures of friends doing goofy things and of pets, there were photos of older brothers and sisters in their uniforms looking strong and brave before being sent off to war. The 1st place and 2nd place ribbons, however, inevitably go to a photograph of either a puppy or a kitten (or both together) looking adorable or doing something cute.

Miles and I like the rides, although now that I am in the AARP demographic, I can no longer go on the rides that spin around at the frequency of sub-atomic particles. It seems that my brain has shrunk and that I no longer have the padding needed to sustain such rides without what polite society calls "being nauseated", and what Miles calls "blowing chunks". Or course, the wildly spinning rides are what he likes best. Of the more sedate amusements available to me now is the Ferris Wheel. The views are fantastic and the ride always too short.
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