Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The whole morning had been a blur. For some reason her alarm didn't go off, so she woke up late. That meant that her son was late getting up as well, so she had to rush to get them both up, teeth brushed, clean clothes located and put on, breakfast thrown on the table to be gobbled up before putting the cat out, dropping the boy off at the bus stop, then speeding off to catch the subway train into town. She hated days that started like this. But, now that she was near the office, she couldn't shake an uncomfortable feeling, a nagging really, that was pulling at her just developing composure. What was it? What was something trying to tell her? Had she turned the gas burner on the stove off after she had cooked the oatmeal and set it on low to keep it warm? Could she remember doing that? Was the burner off before she locked the front door? Had she done that?

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