Thursday, April 05, 2007

She said: "I honor no gods but the God of Small Errors and the God of Unconditional Surrenders, but I understand that every once in awhile someone will come along who knows something that is far beyond what any of us are capable of knowing and this person or spirit or whatever might take me by the hand and say to me: Walk with me a little while because I need to speak with you because things could be better than they are and you look to be in so much pain and I think that I can help you if you just walk with me. Look what you have unknowingly thrown away; Feel what you have lost; See how little is left of love. And I would go and I would speak and I would listen and I would be brought to understanding and I would know that this is not the only time that this has happened on Earth and that there have been Others and that They are all connected to the gods and to me and to the stones and trees. And after that I could say, truly, that I was there when Jesus walked."
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