Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She said: "I was never satisfied when I was a girl and asked 'why'? The answer to 'why' was never helpful to me in finding answers to any of life's questions. Answers from parents generally resulted in the "Because I said so, that's why" or the "Hurry up and turn the light out. It's late!" collection of answers that grown ups give to children. I never understood why the answers to my questions couldn't be better; more thoughtful and more helpful. So I would just try to find different ways of asking the same old questions, and that didn't work either. You see, I wanted to make things change; to be better and more fun. I wanted to know why Mother was crying alone in her room and where Dad went all the time, and how come I never got what I really wanted for Christmas. I wanted to know where people went when they died. I wanted to know why I was here. I wanted things in my life to change for the better; to not just change the rules, but to change the whole game, to make it understandable and fair and truthful. I wanted to change the game."
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