Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He said: "It seems a long time ago, now. I don't know why I never missed it all of those years. Busy, I guess. Just never took the time to go back and revisit where I came from. I guess I didn't have that many good memories to draw me back there. The "Old Man" drank a lot and when he drank he got mean. Everybody just tried to stay away from him. Course, with Mom, she didn't have a lot of options. She just hung on. In spite of all of that stuff, I have to say that the place was beautiful in it's way. I forgot how grand it could be to watch the light set into the water, and how the tides made music by themselves and how peaceful it could be at dusk and how sacred it was as the sun just began to rise in the early morning. I forgot that there were places that beautiful and serene where there wasn't any hint of office towers and safety drills."
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