Monday, February 28, 2005

It's worse than I though. Worse than I could have possibly imagined. We are living on the razor edge of panic so uncontrolled that it may devolve into an event best described by Physicists in some future decade. We are vibrating at some sub-atomic frequency. Schools are closed in all surrounding counties near Washington, DC. Everyone is talking about it, even though no one has seen it yet. We are preparing ourselves for the worst. It is difficult to continue any sort of normality on the surface when there is so much turmoil beneath. It is going to snow sometime today. Maybe as much as 6 inches! Some have heard a prediction of 8 inches. In the world of Porn, that's pretty big. If I am unable to post again, please know that I loved my family and my friends and tried, at heart, to always to the right thing. My Will is filed in a cabinet in our guest room. God Bless you all. Posted by Hello
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