Monday, November 17, 2008

He said: "Oh, yes, we marched. We marched all over the country, or at least it sometimes felt like that. We marched in Jim Crow South; we marched in the icy North. We marched against segregation and against the war, any number of them, and we marched for each other. Didn't seem like it made much of a difference sometime. Seemed like nothing was every gonna change one way or the other. We marched for the young people who might follow us and we marched for ourselves and for each other because sometimes that was all we had. Some got to go home on their own two legs and some had to be shipped home in a plain pine box. Those were hard times, let me tell you; real hard times. I still can't bare the sight of them German dogs. But, anyway, we're OK now. Now it seemed like it all worked out somehow the way we wanted it to. Now it seemed like our prayers maybe got answered a little bit. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, though. Be a fool not to. But I'm hoping we don't have to march no more."
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