Sunday, May 23, 2010

He said: "The Spring always makes me dizzy. I guess it must be the pollen or something like that. I just get this "stoned" feeling when the weather begins to warm up and all of the flowers start to bloom, and the birds appear out of nowhere and start tweeting all over the place. I guess, also, that it could be the antihistamines that I take to keep myself from drowning when I go outside. I kinda feel like a person being held for ransom money. I don't feel that it's safe to go outside much because I'm drowning in snot and I'm stoned on meds to keep me from drowning in snot. I can't think clearly, so I try not to drive because I'm sure that I can't be legal behind the wheel of a car because I can't see out the window because of the sneezing. But, here's the funny part. I wait for this misery each year because it means that Spring in here and Summer is coming. I forget about the side effects. They're always a surprise somehow."
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