Friday, June 04, 2010

She said: "I can remember my mother telling me about this place. Of course, when I was younger I didn't believe it. I thought it was another of her fairy stories or such. Of course, now I know better. She used to talk about a place that she said was called 'The Well of Dreams'. This was a place that anyone could come to if they knew it was there and if they were brave enough to enter. The Well Of Dreams was a place of great power. It was a place where everything was open to the ones who asked. Some came for knowledge. Others came for absolution. There were very few who could stand to be in that well for more than a few seconds because the power that the well was made of was very strong and it could take you if you let it. The water at the well was Truth. Pure Truth. That was a mighty force that changed people. I know. I know because I, at the age of 18, went to the well and drank the waters there. I also know that I can never go back there. I know, now, that I can't."
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