Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She said: "Oh, no body cares about somebody else's art. It's 'cause everybody makes their own art in their kitchen or while they're at work. I mean, EVERYBODY makes art now. There's art happening all over the place. I, myself, don't care that much for most of this new art. I think it's ugly. And a lot of it is small, and I'm talking here "TINY" little itsy bitsy art that they make on their cell. It's nano art. Like 6 pixels by 8 pixels. What am I suppose to see there? If some bird flys over and takes a poop, it's gone. Wiped out. And, no body paints now. That's too yesterday. And there's not much poetry either. Who wants to listen to something that is more than 15 seconds long? Art, now, is a t-shirt or something sprayed on a wall or on the sidewalk. It's 10 or 15 words solumly murmured in a store front. Art is something that you think about and then forget. It's old stuff that someone made 20 or more years ago. Art, now, is an app."
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Blogger Kelly said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kelly. It's nice to know someone is out there. Keep coming back.

9:26 AM  

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