Monday, August 16, 2010

She said: "I always knew she was crazy. She was always the one who wanted to do crazy things like going sky diving. The rest of us would just shake our heads in wonder. She was the one who drank like a fish and then some. She went through boy friends like pints of ale. She was just always pushing the limits and, truth be told, we kinda l0ved her for doing things that we would never ever ever do. But she didn't seem to ever be afraid or even care about he own welfare or anything like that. She was just a "Good Time Charlie". Of course she hated her name, Charlene. Wanted to be called Tishah and all. When she wanted to go and take lessons for how to jump out of a plane, none of use even batted an eye. Just another crazy Tisha stunt. That's what we thought. By, oh my God, we never thought this would happen. Oh my God. Never! I'm so glad I didn't go out with the rest that day. I had a dental appointment and couldn't go and watch her do her first jump. Boy, am I glad for that appointment. I couldn't have taken it. Like my shrink said when I went to see him on my next visit: "A challenge embodies the risk of failure. OK. I know that, but I still can't sleep thinking about it all."
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