Friday, December 30, 2011

He said: "The ships came in close to the shore and then turned away. If it was dark, they would throw the dead bodies overboard and they would watch them vanish in the moonlight. Many died in the crossing. There was contagion. Some died quickly from loss of fluids. The children were taken first always. It was because they were too young to fight the fevers. Those with no living parents went quickly. They had bet every thing they had on the crossing. It was a long crossing, but there was promise on the other side if they could only make it there in good stead. But the crossing was not kind, so many did not survive. The crossing was a gamble. It was a gamble for life. Not everyone could win the gamble. The ships came in close, then turned away."
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I think I understand what is this story all about. It is really sad for people who crossed borders for freedom and a new life.

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