Tuesday, December 27, 2011

She said: "It is hard to seek the truth. It is even harder to know the truth, but the truth is what will sustain you as you grow. The truth is powerful. You must be careful if you are to know the truth. There are those who will not want you to know the truth. There are those who will try to stop you from finding it. You must be brave and you must be strong to know the truth and to live by what it will teach you. Do not be afraid, children. Do not falter in your search. Know that you will never be alone if you are seeking the truth. The truth will free you. The truth will make you strong. You must be strong to find it. And you must be even stronger to keep it. This is my gift to you. Go into the world and tell them what you know. Go into the world after you have found the truth."
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