Thursday, December 01, 2011

She said: "It really looked like that. I can't really hardly believe it myself. I have to admit that I was surprised. Of course, it was a day filled with surprises. What I remember is that I got on the plane to Jackson and there was trouble on the plane and we were supposed to land somewhere else. But, of course, we didn't. The plane went down and we crashed. Everyone on board was killed. I saw them all die, and they saw me die. The amazing thing is that I didn't really "feel" anything. You know how like in real life everything is real fast? Well, when you die everything slows way down. So, anyway, I remember seeing the ground below me, slowly coming up to meet me, and the closer it got, the slower everything went. I understood that I was dead. And I understood that I was going to go one of the two ways that we were taught about in Sunday school. Of course, I never believed all that Heaven/Hell stuff. Imagine my surprise when I found out that's the way it really is! Anyway, for reasons that still escape me, I was falling toward the pearly gates, and you won't believe this. I sure didn't. The sign in front of Heaven (are you sitting down?) says "Entrance". Who would have ever guessed that?"
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Blogger muslin backdrops said...

This is an amazing story. It tells us that how really God loves us even we don't believes on Him he will always there and give us chance to believe in Him.

7:34 PM  
Blogger said...

Your story is great, it gives me more faith in life, and better living motivation.
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