Monday, June 30, 2008

When she was just starting out in the business, she always waited for the "the blue lights song". That was the song that came near the end of her set with the band and was usually a slow, bluesy love song that she could put all of her heart into; really feel it, you know. It was always the song that the audience went crazy on with people standing up and shouting at her, wanting more, needing her to give it up for them. They wanted more, always more, and she was usually happy to give it up for them. After all, that was her job. She was the heartbreak that they never had; the soulful lover that they dreamed of late at night; she was the older, more experienced sister that they didn't have. She was the one that could sing the blues out into the dark and lonely night.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He said: "The dreamer dreams a dream of waking, while the one who suffers the fatigue of insomnia is only aware of the dreams that escape him in the darkness of night. The dreams themselves mutate into clouds and fog and disperse into the molecules of existence; into the music of life."
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Plenitude: Cabs

He said: "This is what I think: If you are rich, like we are, and you die, as we must someday do, our wealth and the influence that wealth has, will be projected into the future, beyond our natural lifetimes. Wealth is a way to be immortal. Just like the way that money has an effect on how we live, it will have an effect on how we die. Wealth is a way to live on beyond the grave."
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

He said: "When I was young and would pass a cemetery, I would think to myself, 'There sure is a lot of them': or 'I wonder what kind of life they lived'. When now I read in the newspaper that someone my age has died, I look at the picture and think that they don't look old enough. I wonder what kind of life they lived and think that their life was too short and guess at the many things that they left undone. I think of the family and friends that they surely left behind. Then I celebrate the fact that I've outlived them and try to foresee all that I will accomplish in the many years that lie ahead. I think how lucky I must be to have lasted this long. I never think that tomorrow might be different. I never think that this could be the end"
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

She said: "My body doesn't like prints. I can't wear anything that has a printed pattern on it. It's just too busy for my body, so I like a clean design in solid and neutral colors; gray is good for me and some blue tones is also OK. I don't buy anything that is too obvious or loud. I don't think that people should, you know, look at my clothes. They should look at me instead. They should look into my eyes and see the real me, not just what I'm wearing."
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