Monday, December 29, 2008

She said: "It's so funny how people you know populate your life. They come; they go. Sometimes you loose track of where they went to, but then,'WHAM', they're back just like they had never left in the first place. But then, in a little while, they're gone again. Even in this age where everything is hooked into everyone, everywhere, friends get lost, then found, then lost again. It's almost like one of those supernatural TV shows that I remember as a child. You know, one of those creepy, black and white TV shows that Rob somebody hosted and wrote for. I remember a segment where this guy woke up one morning on a Desert Isle somewhere. And there was no one else on this Desert Isle; just him. He walked around for days looking for someone else but he didn't find anyone. He was all alone. Then, suddenly and without any explanation someone that he knew showed up on the Desert Isle with him. This person that he knew wasn't surprised to see him and acted like this was very normal, meeting his friend like that on this desolate place. And then, poof, the friend was gone and the guy was all alone again, until another person that he knew showed up and acted like that was a normal, everyday kind of thing to happen and then was gone again. I feel like that person who got stuck on the Desert Isle sometimes. It just feels that way sometimes, especially like now with the Holidays and all. I just sometimes feel like I'm on a Desert Isle and there's nobody else there until suddenly there is, but then they're gone. It feels just like life. It feels like it happens just like on a TV show from the early 1960s. And then, its not."
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He said: "It was very difficult to come here. It was very difficult to leave everything behind us, everything that we built, and the life that we had made for ourselves. But I knew that we had to leave. We had to go because if we did not go they would come and kill us. They had told us so. There had been letters sent that said "You and your family will die"; "you are cowards and collaborators"; "You will be slaughtered like sheep" and so on. So, there was not another way. We wanted to live. I had a cousin in Chicago. That is were we went. We knew nothing when we got there. I could speak only a little English; my family nothing. We had the clothes we came with, nothing more. We had no furniture, no bedding, no food, no jobs. My cousin helped us get started with this new, strange, life. It is OK. It will be OK. We are alive and we are together and that is the most important thing. We don't have to be afraid all of the time now. We can breathe here. It will be all right. It will be OK.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

She said: "He was a funny guy, but I liked him, even with all of the quirks in his personality. There is one story about a trip he took to the East Coast that I just love to tell. You see, he wasn't that crazy about airplanes. Even in the best of conditions, he wasn't a good flyer. Even in first class. He didn't like to be in small spaces, smashed up against other people. He didn't like the air inside of the airplane cabin; he didn't like airplane food; he just plane didn't like to fly. That was the heart of the matter. He just didn't like flying. But he did it anyway. So, he had to fly to the East Coast for some reason and I took him to the airport. We were early, like he liked to be. As we were waiting for the flight to New York to be called, I noticed that he was getting more and more nervous. He was looking around at everyone; really looking at them. I noticed, but didn't pay it any mind, but the longer we waited, the more nervous he became, until he finally got up, and told me we had to go. 'Go? Go where?' I asked him. 'Home' he said. 'Why? What's the matter?' I asked him. 'We just have to go'. So, we went. I took him back home and he missed the flight.

I guess it must have been the next day, I asked him to explain to me what he wouldn't get on the flight, and he told me. 'They were doomed.' he said. He told me that the people waiting for that flight to New York looked like doomed people to him and that's why he left. He felt that the flight was a doomed flight and that all of the people waiting to board looked to him like doomed people and he didn't want to die with them and that's why he wouldn't board. They were all doomed."
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Monday, December 08, 2008

She said: " You look to be so troubled. I don't know why, because you won't tell me and I can't guess. I don't know why you don't just allow yourself to be who you already are. If you would just allow your heart to inform you of where you are right now, then, maybe, you can move on somehow. If you could just allow yourself, your self, to be you as you are, then, maybe, you can move on to who you will eventually be."
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Thursday, December 04, 2008

He said: "We were all so beautiful; so young, so fresh, so wanting to have it all, right now, for everything. We had a hunger that couldn't be fed; not really. Not in the way it needed/wanted to be fed. We were free, or so we thought at the time. The road went on forever and we couldn't wait to be on it, doing it, living it, every second of every day. We had plans! They were a mirage, but as one plan disolved in the glow of another sunset, a new plan was hatched. We were strong; we could do or be anything. Just ask us. And, we were smart. We knew the difference between right and wrong and of Left and Right. We were going to make it real; we felt that it was our turn. Other generations had failed in one way or another, but we wouldn't. We would push the bounderies right out of the window. We would be clean and we would live forever. It is only now that there is some doubt. Only now that there is one more day given and one more chance. Only now is there only one more promise that we hope will not be broken.
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Monday, December 01, 2008

He said: "Ya know? I never felt like I ever needed to have all that much. I always felt like I had just about everything I ever needed. I never felt like I was ever going without something important. You know, I had my family and my friends and my work and that seemed about right. I never went without something I truly needed or wanted. Fact is, I never really wanted for anything and I was happy that way. And I still feel like that. My health may not be so good anymore. I can't do some of what I used to do. But that can be like a blessing too."

He sat silently for a minute or so, then continued:

"Thinking about that, if I ever thought about what I would want more of, I guess I'd have to say it would have to be time. Everybody could use more time. That goes for me too. If there was a way to get it, I would get me some more time. If there was anything that I might think I was a little short off, that would be it: Time. If you wanted to get me something I could use, give me some more time. I'd appreciate that."
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